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The DataDada collective is a group of French Dada artists with a particular interest in digital technologies: Data, I.A. NFTs ...
Its members are Albertine Meunier, Julien Levesque, Sylvie Tissot and Thu Trinh Bouvier, artists and developers.
Their motto: “Chance doesn't make itself. Say 33!”

contact us: contact@data-dada.net . 06 89 15 89 99

We look forward to hearing from you! We look forward to sharing a good time with you.

have a look to all our workshops:

> Allô Prompt workshop

> Poulette Party Workshop

> Participatory performance The Data Dancing Sausage Party

> Participatory performance The Wheel of DataPepettes

> Performance/installation: The Hot Potato

> Performance/reading: DataDada Manifesto backfiring version