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La Patate Chaude


Pick a potato for a chance to win “La Patate Chaude” NFT! “La Patate Chaude” is a #DataDada art installation through which one lucky person will receive an original NFT artwork by a selected artist.

Only one potato contains an artwork, but all potatoes give you access to a commemorative Metamask wallet so you can start your own NFT collection.

How to See If You’ve Won:
1. Go to the app store on your smartphone and download Metamask – Blockchain Wallet
2. Choose a potato
3. Scan your potato with the back of your phone, with NFC mode enabled [automatically activated on iPhones since iPhone 6 – go to settings on Android]. The 12 words that are displayed are your password for your Metamask wallet. Write them down or make a screenshot...
4. Enter the 12 words in the Metamask app

You are now connected to your wallet!

If you see a NFT in your wallet, congratulations, you are the winner of a unique artwork!

Mots-clefs : NFT, blockchain, wallet, energy, Proof of Work