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A Little Dwarf on a Unicorn

An exploration of surrealism in generative art with a slight sausage twist.
“Un petit nain sur une licorne” is a series of generative artworks by French collective DataDada, unique in their composition.
The image is created totally at random: in addition to the objects chosen according to a rarity grid, the position and size of the objects in the image are randomly calculated by the dingo machine.

Be open-minded, “A little gnome on a unicorn” is a surreal, dada generative work of art with tiny traveling garden gnomes where the machines are as useless as we are.
With a little luck, your composition will be rare, precious and astonishing! 1% of our winnings will be reinvested in a small computer brush.

Here's to Dada!

access the collection : www.fxhash.xyz/u/DataDada

nota bene : the references to absurd things is fully assumed and claimed !

rarity grid :