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Wheel of the DataPépettes !

Contribute to an artificial intelligence hand-made. Help us improve Google's Artificial and Animal Intelligence and Robert's Supreme Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (I.A) from Data.bingo

At a time when algorithms anticipate our least desires, the value of Artificial Intelligence resides in a data of quality.
Some services of Google have to be improved! In particular the noise of the Google animals that DataDada wants to greatly improve with the Wheel of the DataPépettes .

To do this, participate in the performance and come to launch the Wheel of DataPépettes and pocket a maximum!

With the Wheel of DataPépettes,
1. You feed Robert's intelligence,
2. You feed Google's intelligence and the sound of her animals,
3. You win DataPépettes! and luminous spinning top

* Robert de Barretin, an artificial intelligence handmade, made in France