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DataPépette is the 21st century motto/currency. Exchange currency in circulation recently, she is on the DPP side, Poulette face and listed on the stock market.

Invented by Robert de Barretin, manufactured at the Roger foundry in Egreville, the DataPépette opens a new era of transaction in the digital world, stuck between Bitcoin and the ecu, it has won.

Its advantages! You do not know it but you are all potentially billionaire of DataPépettes.

The more your data is collected by the major players on the Web, the more data you deserve. For example, you spend 2 hours on Facebook, and you can receive 3 DataPépettes. You move with your smartphone from Porte de Vanves (Paris) to Porte de Bagnolet, that's 1 DataPépette in your pocket.

With these DataPépettes, you can trade objects of current consumption: bread, shoe, tourniquette, snowball, brush, ... but also custom-made connected objects that we will be delighted to design for you.