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Data Dancing Saucisse Party

Confront yourself to the unusual with a choreography punctuated by Data and I.A where you define yourself a new way to move like a Saucisse -sausage.
To move like a Saucisse -sausage- is to be captured by an "intelligent" recognition system which, in a few seconds, associates a sound with a produced gesture. Several gestures recorded and it is a musical choreography which is born in front of you - the gestures are recognized by the system "intelligent" and allow to play the music.
It is an extremely playful performance that demystifies image recognition and helps explain to the public what a neural network is.

We used Google's Tensorflow.js software to create the full performance. A camera captures the scene. A program records gestures at a glance and associates each gesture with a sound.

references Geek : #HotDog #NotHotDog