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Quentin Chevrier

Chamboulons les GAFA

With the performance Chamboulons les GAFA try to rock the Digital Giants despite their ever-increasing weight and power!
For a moment of resistance and armed with a handful of plastic chicken toys - express your opposition to their hold through an act of salutary and jubilant release of chicken throwing on cans bearing the effigy of the GAFA: Google Amazon Facebook and Apple.

During the performance at the Futur.e.s 2019 festival, the DataDada collective launched Radio Poulette!
Radio Poulette is a radio where you can express yourself freely about the GAFA.
Do not hesitate, pass your message on to the GAFA. Record Yours!

Listen to Radio Poulette

Quentin Chevrier
Quentin Chevrier
Quentin Chevrier